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Dan's du Journal

Daniel writes about his lifelong RA to entertain, teach, and above all, help

Arthritis: Underappreciated and Doomed to Obscurity?

Dan writes about the obscurity of Arthritis in popular culture and how this affects prospects for a cure, and tells us about a group working to publicize the plight of those who suffer from the insidious disease.

Surgery cancelled due to doctor politics

Dan finds politics have been claiming a place in his treatment more and more lately, pushing his needs as a patient down the priority list.

Extorting the disabled

This week, Daniel tells us of his experience with a medical company who he discovered, much to his chagrin, wanted to charge him an exorbitant fee in order to provide a simple life-saving service. Unfortunately, Daniel has experienced this gouging of disabled and ill patients all too often, and it is far too commonplace for his comfort. Come join him to discover how this latest episode aims to extort him, and share your own experiences as well.

More Machine Than Man.

This week, Daniel tells us of how he found out he has to undergo yet another invasive surgical procedure. This time the joint replacement is needed more than ever, and with his last surgery ending in a heart attack, concerns abound. Or, at least, they should. Dan tells us just how much of a machine he is really becoming. Will it ever end for him?

What a long strange trip it’s been.

This week, Daniel tells us all about the recent Arthritis Conference that he and Allison attended this past weekend in St. Louis. The sheer amount of attendees and speakers, which included our illustrious author, inspired Daniel to write about just how far Arthritis treatment and care has come in the last twenty plus years since he was diagnosed. It was a truly inspiring trip, and children today have a much better chance of never experiencing some of the horrors that Daniel has suffered through during his life. Check it out for yourself.

Your Bucket List

This week, Daniel reflects on the tough week he's had, and how it has affected his disease. He also re-learns a lesson that we all know, but seldom heed. Check it out.


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