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The Water and the Birds

Some days it can seem the world is against us ... our stiff joints, the government, the annoying mini-van driver who cuts us off every chance they get ...

Today was different.

I woke up refreshed -- warm and relaxed in my knees. I pulled back the curtains and stared at a beautiful orange/pink sky taking shape over the Hudson River. Small movements could be discerned across the water as people began their morning commutes.

And I just stared.

Oftentimes this moment would be silly to imagine -- I get too bored too quickly to just stand around doing nothing. Particularly in the morning when I'm most concerned with getting a much needed walk.

I breathed in, breathed out -- letting the usual nervousness and worry of the day fade away ... letting a new calmness in. My knees were still there, but the pain and anxiety were not.

Birds -- a whole cacophony of birds swooped in from the north, playing, diving, chirping ... collectively gliding in semi-circular motions over the water. A light, cool breeze rustled the curtains and refreshed the fur behind my ears (a too-often neglected spot by my human pets, mind you).

Perhaps I'll go for a walk soon, I thought. Perhaps I'll just stand here.

For a moment there was no pain. And I was going to enjoy basking in the sunlight of a new day.

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