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Welcome to Poet’s Corner (& Artists Too) ~ Issue #23

Witch’s Hut, haikus from Dr. Ben, and a new poem by Jonathan Hunter

Halloween: When disabled kids can put on a mask and be like everyone else

Dan Malito, who has battled RA since he was a boy, reflects on the one day a year when no one could tell he was different

F@#K Arthritis

Dina Neils, who races to build arthritis awareness, refuses to let flaring RA keep her from the Golden State Triathlon

Woman worried her sister with RA uses a phony photo and lies to people on online dating sites

What should the older sister do? Both CreakyJoints advice mavens Ms. Meniscus AND Mr. Meniscus answer and you can vote for the response you like best

Joint Decisions Chat #2: Making informed decisions about RA treatments

A recap of a Chat #2 and a schedule of future chats

The secret my RA handwriting reveals

Arthritis and what is ‘The Ferret Hindenburg Rescue’

How to make informed decisions about your RA treatment when you are tired, in pain, and overwhelmed

Dr. Laurie on how to avoid decision fatigue so you make your best choices

Fear: The other side of Juvenile Arthritis

It’s okay to be afraid but don’t let fear stand in the way of trying new treatments and medications

Clowning around

Sandi and her days of greasepaint and a crush on a clown named Hans

Collective pain, collectively harnessed: The CreakyJoints Patient Governor Conference

It wasn’t all goo and wonder, but after years of battling rheumatoid arthritis, Jonathan finally felt empowered
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