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Rheumatoid arthritis…does it hurt that much? Or am I a sook (crybaby)?

Arthritic Chick wonders whether her RA pain is really that bad

Dressing the Saints

The US and Mexico Border: What does it mean for chronic disease?

7 Facets: A Meditation on Pain

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, author Lene Andersen’s first post about her short e-book on pain and what it’s like to live with it

Protected health information (PHI) is YOUR information but it can be used to benefit everyone

Dr. Ben on what you need to know about PHI and research

Massage Envy and Overcoming the “Can’t Touch This” Day

Correspondent Leslie Gilbert Elman on the therapeutic benefits of massage for people with arthritis

Don’t touch Grandma: Women with RA fears roughhousing grandkids will clobber her

Madame on how to calm rumbling and tumbling children

Unexpected gift: Waking up with no pain

Jonathan enjoys ‘just being alive’ and takes his son adventuring in Diablo Canyon

Summer, and those who hate it

Dan Malito on the passing of his least favorite season

In spite of pain, bad balance and a ratty spine, Sandi Davis can’t stop dancing

Even falling on the dance floor (sober) can’t sideline this Oklahoma twinkle toes

When the life you have is not the life you planned, or even wanted

Dr. Laurie on what helps us live with the realities of chronic illness
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