• Sandi's Ow
    Sandi's Ow

Sleep – when you can’t get enough

Sandi Davis on fighting each night to sleep, perchance to dream

In spite of pain, bad balance and a ratty spine, Sandi Davis can’t stop dancing

Even falling on the dance floor (sober) can’t sideline this Oklahoma twinkle toes

Interviewing Robin Williams: Like trying to nail Jell-O to a tree

Journalist Sandi Davis on talking face-to-face with the funny, manic, and deliciously naughty comedian

To pull or not to pull: When autoimmune disease wreaks havoc on teeth

Sandi makes the hard decision to get dentures

Before there was George Clooney, there was James Garner

Sandi reminisces about fellow Oklahoman James Garner

Look Back

Sandi takes a stroll down memory lane, sharing some of her favorite things

Daydream Believer

Overwhelmed by pain, Sandi unplugs, checks out of life, and lets her mind wander

Tired of being tired

Sandi's fatigue has consequences

Sandi has a soft spot for vampires

Actually, vampires, phlebotomists—anyone who draws blood

The world was Sandi’s playground—until she was scared into changing her ways

On accepting limits, drawing borders, and finding what’s “just right”
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