• Ms. Meniscus
    Ms. Meniscus

When shaking hands is too painful

Madame advises a man with RA on acceptable handshaking alternatives

Don’t touch Grandma: Women with RA fears roughhousing grandkids will clobber her

Madame on how to calm rumbling and tumbling children

Laid off from job and afraid she’ll have to move back home

Madame advises a newly jobless woman with RA who fears she failed to become independent—just as her mother predicted

Woman with RA is bitter that biologics were not around when she was young

Madame to Reader: You are not a bad person for feeling this way

Vacation refusal: Woman with RA afraid to go away

Madame advises a woman whose fear of having a flare keeps her home

What to do about an online ‘Mary Quite Contrary’

Madame advises a reader upset over an arthritis support group member who always disagrees with her

The joy of thin apartment walls: Neighbors and noisy late-night sex

Madame advises a woman with RA & fibromyalgia whose raucous neighbors keep waking her up

A 10-hour road trip with a 2-stop problem

Madame advises a woman with RA whose husband wants to keep on driving

The Online Dating Game: Do you tell them you’ve got RA?

Madame advises a woman whether to go all the way with her RA before the first date

What to do when your husband is stepping out on you

Madame advises a woman with RA about handling her husband's affair and her busybody friends
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