• Leslie Gilbert Elman
    Leslie Gilbert Elman

Massage Envy and Overcoming the “Can’t Touch This” Day

Correspondent Leslie Gilbert Elman on the therapeutic benefits of massage for people with arthritis

Did you just say you cured arthritis?

Correspondent Leslie Gilbert Elman on the recent news reports that Swiss researchers found a cure for rheumatoid arthritis in mice

Is ankle replacement in your future?

Leslie on a new ankle implant designed to replicate the ankle’s natural motion

Do the math: Counting steps can keep OA in check

Correspondent Leslie Gilbert Elman on why knee osteoarthritis patients can’t sit this one out

RA Patients: Your risk for heart disease might be higher than you think

Correspondent Leslie Gilbert Elman with a good news / bad news story

Milk Might Do You Good

Can drinking milk really slow the progression of knee osteoarthritis?

Medication in motion might have potential for osteoarthritis

Leslie is intrigued by the possibility of a smart hydrogel OA treatment

Raining on the Thunder God Vine Parade

On April 21, 2014, the Washington Post ran an article with the headline: “Thunder god vine works as well as… Read More »

Negative Diagnosis? It Still Might be Gout

Leslie launches her new “Study Hall” column for CreakyJoints where she reports on research you can use with a piece on a Mayo Clinic study on gout
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