• Lene Andersen
    Lene Andersen

Eating out with food allergies

Lene Andersen on the do’s and don’ts for restaurant staff

7 Facets: A Meditation on Pain

In honor of Pain Awareness Month, author Lene Andersen’s first post about her short e-book on pain and what it’s like to live with it

My body ☺ My best friend

Lene on hating her body—until she realized it meant hating herself

The cost of chronic illness – the money

Lene on the financial hardships created simply by being sick

Inspiration porn, stigma and the way out

Lene on why you should consider entering the Live Bold anti-stigma photo contest

So you live with chronic pain AND you want to be a writer?

Lene on messing with the writing rules and finding what works for you

What if women with disabilities were recognized as sexual beings?

Lene on the hurdles women in wheelchairs face in getting proper reproductive healthcare

Many words for pain, like snow

Taking her cue from the Inuit who name different types of snow, Lene names different types of pain

Weird around wheelchairs: Thoughts on disability etiquette

Some avoid eye contact while others talk to her like a toddler—Lene on why people are weird around her and what can be done

“Live Bold Live Now – The Story of My Life with RA”

Go behind the scenes as Lene Andersen is profiled for a new multimedia storytelling project from HealthCentral
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