• Kristin Anderson
    Kristin Anderson

Births and Rebirths

The month of May gives Kristin many things to look forward to, but it also gives her a reminder to look back to what she has been through

Miss Independent

“I’m going to Singapore” “Singa-what?” “Singa-pore.” “Singa-when?” “Tomorrow.” A few short text messages and thus began my week and a… Read More »

We Are All Worthy

The Olympics inspire Kristin's inner confidence.

Iron Kristin

Kristin attempts to be stylish ... while wearing a new heart monitor.

How Safe is My Medication Cocktail?

Kristin discovers that no one may be monitoring her drug interactions ... except her.

Why an Arthritic Loves Her Kindle

Kristin explains how Amazon's device has restored her love of reading.

When Your Body Ignores That It’s Christmas

Kristin reflects on the holiday season that was -- and could have been.

The Unthinkable?

Inflammation- and fatigue-battling Kristin dares to take a vacation.

The M Word

Kristin goes in for the dreaded mammogram.

The Joy of Dancing

Kristin loves to hit the dance floor -- but what to do about the pain?
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