• Dr. Laurie
    Dr. Laurie

Holidays and the emotional highjack

Dr. Laurie on what we can do when holidays leave us feeling worse

Got stress? There’s a gadget for that

Dr. Laurie roadtests the “emWave” and “GPS for the Soul”

The habitual NO and letting things be as good as they are

Dr. Laurie on saying YES—a habit that can change your life

Recovering your hope

Dr. Laurie on what you can do when your hope reserve is low

Mindfulness: Healing our hurting and anxious minds

Dr. Laurie with a simple and common sense approach to mindfulness

Surviving Survival

Dr. Laurie on Laurence Gonzales’ stories of trauma and how people move on.

Dr. Laurie on introverts and extroverts

Should an introvert with RA be pushed to join a support group?

Clean pain and dirty pain

Dr. Laurie on letting go of some of the dirty pain we cause ourselves.

A vacation from always trying to do something

Dr. Laurie on letting your body and your life be.

How to live with and live beyond the labels that get attached to us

Dr. Laurie on becoming your best advocate.
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