• Daniel P. Malito
    Daniel P. Malito

Proud and a bit cocky-and deservedly so

A little crowing from a guy with RA who once considered ending it all and is now an author engaged to the love of his life

Dan’s holiday autoimmune tunes

Playing piano did not feel jolly: Oh, ow, ow, ow, ow

Thought Dan’s book was never coming out – think again ☺

“So Young – A Life Lived with Rheumatoid Arthritis” is now available!


Dan writes a book about his chronic illness and his mother cries when she reads the manuscript

Is it time to retire walking for arthritis?

Dan on why the biggest fundraiser for arthritis is a number one dud

Some of the ridiculous things people have said to Dan about his arthritis

So, like, is it contagious? – and more

War on prescription drugs. War on us

Dan on speaking up before pain meds are outlawed completely

Sorry, no pain pills here

Dan is blindsided at pharmacy by new NYS law when he tries to fill his script.

Shoutouts for the online RA and autoimmune community

Dan on the diverse people he’s been tweeting and meeting.

“Royal Pains” TV show depicts RA so inaccurately it’s insulting

Dan asks: Should we get mad, boycott the show, or laugh it off?
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