• Arthritic Chick
    Arthritic Chick

Diet and medications – why does it have to be either/or?

Arthritic Chick on the RA community divide between ‘all natural’ and ‘you need medication’ people

Rheumatoid arthritis…does it hurt that much? Or am I a sook (crybaby)?

Arthritic Chick wonders whether her RA pain is really that bad

Painful knees, swollen hot feet: A suspicion of arthritis for a daughter

If you think Arthritic Chick fights hard for her health, just wait until you see what she will do for her child

What does someone with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis do all day?

Arthritic Chick on her daily life

The irony of having to say ‘No’ to the thing you need most

Arthritic Chick passes on a part-time work opportunity she would love because of her disability case

Rheumatoid Arthritis and is the mega flare over?

Arthritic Chick on waking up and wondering if it’s a day the pain will lift

Rheumatoid Arthritis and opioids for chronic pain relief

Arthritic Chick on living and functioning well on daily opioid medications

Optimism is the best attitude…except for sometimes

Arthritic Chick on the fine line between optimism and denial

Refractory RA: Arthritic Chick’s kind of inflammatory arthritis

Why are rheumatologists so surprised when they come across it?

Could “The Fame Monster” be the “it girl” of arthritis?

Arthritic Chick on "bringing sexy" to this chronic illness
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