Copay Cards & Assistance

The sheer cost of battling chronic illnesses can overwhelm us — before we ever take our first medication. If you or your loved ones are having trouble financially, here are some programs aiming to help.


REMICADE Partnership Assistance

(888) 652-6227  |

Looking for a place to start?

Janssen Access One includes resources on patient assistance and rebate programs aimed at helping make your Remicade prescription more affordable.

CELEBREX Savings Card

(888) 678-2692  |

Use the CELEBREX Savings Card and save up to $15 on each of 12 prescriptions.

Just bring your CELEBREX Savings Card and prescription for CELEBREX to a participating pharmacy and you will instantly receive up to $15 off the purchase.

Opana ER Co-Pay Card


(800) 462-3636  |

Eligible patients could pay no more than $15 on each of their eligible prescriptions for Opana® ER. Plus, they can use the same Co-Pay Card up to 12 times per year

Prescription Assistance for SIMPONI


(877) 697-4676  |

SimponiOne® Cost Support, for those eligible, may provide instant savings on your out-of-pocket medication costs for SIMPONI® for up to 12 months after activation, 12 injections, or $6,000 annual program benefit, whichever comes first.

ACTEMRA Patient Assistance Programs


(800) 228-3672  |

If you are worried about paying for ACTEMRA® (tocilizumab), we can help. We offer programs to help you access ACTEMRA, regardless of your ability to pay. 

We can work with you if:

  • You have no health care plan
  • Your health care plan turned down paying for ACTEMRA
  • You have a high co-pay or co-insurance

Rituxan Access Solutions

(855) MYCO-PAY

(855) 692-6729  |

We Focus on Access so You Can Focus on Health

If you are worried about paying for Rituxan® (rituximab), Rituxan Access Solutions has programs to help you. Learn how the Genentech BioOncology Co-pay Card can help with the out-of-pocket costs for Rituxan for NHL/CLL.



(800) 424-6942  |

Have or need a CIMZIA Co-Pay Savings Card?
CIMZIA offers a comprehensive patient support program called CIMplicity. You can get up to 12 months of CIMZIA with no out-of-pocket costs to you with the CIMZIA Co-Pay Savings Card. UCB offers help with co-pay assistance through the CIMZIA Co-Pay Savings Card.

Humira Protection Plan

(800) 4HUMIRA

(800) 448-6472  |

Taking or thinking of taking Humira?
Regardless of your current status—employed, unemployed, insured, or uninsured — HUMIRA offers guidance and support to help you access the treatment your doctor has prescribed.

Patient Assistance Now

(800) 245-5356 |

Novartis: Our Commitment to Patients
At Novartis, our mission is to help improve people’s lives by pioneering health care treatments, which include researching and developing innovative prescription medicines. We also are committed to educating people about their diseases and conditions, and about the Novartis medicines they take.


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  1. Am wondering why the Enbrel support program isn’t listed here? Also there is a website that helps find patient assistance programs from many sources, it is free to use and very helpful.

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